Wednesday, December 8, 2010

9 Things To Ask You Bounce House Provider

• Do You Carry insurance?

o Insurance is required to operate an inflatable rental company in the State of Texas. Not all companies abide by the rules and regulations. This is a great indication as to the importance a company places on your children. If there are any questions as to if a company has insurance or not, just ask for a copy of it. They should have it readily available for you.

• Are your products American made?

• We are proud supporters of our country and 90% of our products are made in America. We also offer a 10% discount to active duty troops and their immediate families (i.e. Spouse and children under 18).

• Do you regularly clean and maintenance your units?

o Like anything else, bounce houses require consistent cleaning and maintaining. It creates a safe environment for your children and prolongs the life of the units. The way a bounce house company takes care of their units is a reflection of their values and how they care about the safety of your child.

• Do your drivers carry safety certifications for setting up inflatables?

o Although it is not complicated, there is a laundry list of things to be aware of when setting up an inflatable. These test make sure drivers are well aware of the various things to look for and be aware of. This is an example of where there can never be too much information.

• Do they answer the phone regularly or do they have to call you back? Customer service, knowledgeable

o There are several companies that offer their services on the side. Meaning, it is not their main focus, they do it as they have spare time. Use a company that takes you seriously, answers the phone and speaks with you on your time, and is able to provide you with helpful information to insure your party is a success.

• Competitive pricing and payment options (deposits and cancelation policy)

o Shop, Shop, Shop. There are all types of companies that offer you rock bottom pricing, over-the-top inflatables, and more. Make sure you choose a company that evenly lines up with your expectations. Make sure they have payment options and a clear and precise weather related and non weather related cancellation policy.

• Well designed and maintained website

o Websites are the first impression you have on a company. How well organized is it, how much relative information was found? Was the information on the site consistent with what they are telling you?

• Specials offered/Discounts

o This is what seals most deals. Make sure you always ask if there are any specials and discount that can be applied to your order. Although there might not be any, it’s always a fair question to ask. Why pay more than what you have to?

• Write down details and keep them in a safe place

o There are a large percentage of customers that do not keep track of the company they have hired to supply their bounce house. This is important if there are any changes to your plans or if the bounce company is running late and you need to know where they are. Now my theory is, the bounce house company should stay in contact with you, but keep the information just in case.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

State sues bounce house manufacturer

State sues bounce house manufacturer.
Check out the latest news regarding the manufacturing of bounce houses. Please rest assured Fun Times does not purchase from the companies that are listed in the law suite and our manufacturer uses vinyl that meets the lead requirements. We care about your kids safety too.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Hello and thanks for joining

We started this bounce house dallas rental company with three bounce houses 3 years ago with the mind set of a christian oriented business that enjoys bringing smiles to kids around the metroplex. Although there have been some stumbling blocks along the way we are now proud to say we own 30 inflatables, several consessions, trains, tables and chairs. We are also looking forward to obtaining various other pieces throughout the next few months.

I started this blog to give our customers a behind the scenes glimps into our family business. We will update you with positive experiences, new units recieved, exciting and important news in our industry, safety oriented practices, and good and bad situations that have shaped our policies.

So grab some popcorn and join us in this fun and personal interactive experience. Feel free to read only but remember we value you opinion and do make changes and purchase equipment based off of your feedback.

See you next time

Remember we offer Bounce House in Dallas Tx, Inflatable Moonwalk and Inflatable jump houses for all your kid party dallas rental needs. Please join us at,, or call us at 214-277-4953.